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Drake stops performance midway to threaten man for groping women

Drake stopped his performance midway and threatened a man allegedly harassing a woman standing near him. (Source: File Photo)
Drake stopped his concert midway to threaten a man who was allegedly harassing a women in the crowd. Fans recorded the moment and shared it online.

At a time when the world is stunned with the #MeToo campaign and sexual abuse stories in Hollywood, popular Canadian rapper Drake stopped his concert midway to call out an offender. The 31-year-old singer was performing in Sydney, Australia, when he noticed a man in the audience allegedly misbehaving with women in the crowd and decided to not ignore it. He stopped the song midway and threatened the man.

“Yo, stop that s***t,” the Grammy singer was filmed saying in a clip that is now going viral. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f***k you up,” the ‘One Dance’ rapper made it clear. The listeners were extremely happy at the show after the singer’s stance and started cheering for him. Fans recorded the moment and shared it online.

The video contains abusive language and viewer’s discretion is advised.
Sexual violence is never okay. Kudos to @Drake for refusing to be a bystander - he paused his performance in Australia to stop harassment in its tracks. Thanks for creating space & representing the 6️⃣
"If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there"

Love male performers who do this. Concerts are nothing but a gropefest. 
We need more men like Drake who will call out trash who objectify, harass and grope women.

Drake threatens fan who was groping woman at a club: "I will f*ck you up"

I don’t condone violence but I absolutely condone men speaking out. We need more of this. If you see something say something. @drake 
the fact that drake stopped his show to call out a man that seemed to be groping a woman, shows that the artists do see everything in the crowd during shows ; like how zach stopped the show when a girl fainted.
drake calling out a man for touching a woman inappropriately at his show i love one (1) man
Drake stopped his concert because he noticed a man groping women in the audience. So, drake for president.
god bless drake for defending women at his concert when he saw a man groping them in the crowd
Lol even drake had to stop the music and comment on the zoo that is marquee

Netizens were extremely happy that he did not turn a blind eye to the situation. On Twitter, users couldn’t stop lauding him and highlighting how important it is to stand up.

This is not the first time an artist stopped his performance midway to protest against men groping women in the audience. Earlier this year, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam stopped his show midway to teach a man a lesson and even asked his teams to rescue the woman who was being harassed.

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